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T-Shirts are strongly recommended to be light-colored and lightweight. Black gym shorts are also recommended. Make sure you are able to stretch and work out in all of your clothes (no jeans!).


NOTE: clothing must follow the school dress code. You will ask you to change if any inappropriate clothing is worn.  The weather can be unpredictable, so prepare accordingly.  ONLY tennis shoes are acceptable for on-field rehearsals.


You will need the following for ALL rehearsals:

Your instrument Music (Warm-Ups, Show music, etc.)

WATER!!!.  Camelbaks or water jugs with ice are ideal to stay hydrated

Extra reeds, valve oil, etc. (anything needed to keep your instrument playable throughout rehearsal)

Hats or other head-covers are required for all outdoor rehearsals Section leaders may require you to have other various equipment.

Other Essentials

Sunscreen (you will want to reapply on each break)

Bug spray


Things to Remember

Cell phones may be brought to band camp; however they will not be permitted during ANY rehearsal throughout the entire season. The use of cell phones at band camp should be limited to evenings and free time.


If you require a time keeping device during rehearsal, please use a watch. Honestly though, rehearsal goes by a lot faster if one is not constantly looking at the time.


If you ever have any questions during camp, ask leadership, staff or a Drum Major. Band camp is our time to learn and work hard. We do have a lot of fun, though learning discipline is a big part of being at camp.


Respect is to be shown in full when the section leaders, staff or clinicians are teaching. Please do not talk when anyone of the leadership team or staff is talking.


Remember that if a member of the leadership or the staff tells you to do something differently they are just trying to improve the whole band, not embarrass you in any way or make you feel bad.


Overall, band is about having fun, making new friends, and having a place to belong in this crazy place we call high school. If you ever have any issues with any part of the band program, please let a person on leadership know and we will try to work it out. We would rather work out issues than have anyone quit. If you have any questions about band camp or the above list, please contact Mr. Sharp