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ShopWithScrip Program

Here is how ShopWithScrips works.

When families register and place orders for scrip, they pay full face value for the gift cards.

So if someone orders a $100 gift card for Stater Bros. Market, they’re paying the program $100 and getting the full value of what they paid. Now, when the program places an order with Scrip, the program pays less than the full face value for cards (2 – 13% less, depending on the retailer). Stater Bros. Market , for example, offers a 5% rebate, so the music program pays $96 for that $100 gift card. What happens to that $4 difference? It’s awarded to your program as a rebate!

Scrip shines when families use it for as much of their shopping as they can, and with over 700 retailers available on ShopWithScrip.com (including some of the biggest in the country), they’re sure to find many of their favorite stores.

We offer scrip for gas, groceries, clothing stores, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment… the list goes on! It’s easy for one family using scrip to generate $600 - $1,000 or more in one year; the more families in your organization start shopping with scrip, the more your earnings will grow.

Step 1: Register

Click here to open the registration form.

Step 2: Login & Place your order

Once the registration process is complete, you'll receive an email confirmation with a guide. You will need to pay with a check.  Once the check clears, the order will be released to be ordered on predesignated day.  You can expect to receive physical gift cards based on the method selected


Physical cards ONLY - takes 3-14 days to arrive depending on the order day

Step 3: Register for PrestoPay.

Once you're registered on shopwithscrip.com, click on your dashboard. Located under family functions is a link to setup PrestoPay.  It is like PayPal but PrestoPay only works for ShopWithScrip.com.  This will allow you to pay for cards online and receive the benefits immediately. You can still pay with a check but expect 1-2 weeks for your order.


Physical cards take 3-14 days to arrive depending on the order day

Reload* - overnight if ordered before 1:30 PM

ReloadNow* - 0-30 min. 

ScripNow - 0-5 min. emailed

*Physical card must be registered if vendor offers Reload or ReloadNow options

Step 4: Bookmark Page

On you phone or mobile device, save MyScripWallet.com to access all your gift cards from one place. Its secure because it is password protected.

Shipped Orders

For orders that need to be shipped, one bulk order will be placed every Tuesday. Orders must be paid in full by Monday before an order is placed. Once received and unless predesignated, the cards will be given to the student to bring home.

Credit Card Payments

You can earn points using a credit card but paying with a credit card is not an option in the ShopWithScrip or PrestoPay websites.  However, the booster program can process a credit card order for 3.7% of the total purchase price.  Arrangements must be made in advance prior to placing an order.